From conversations with friends and a child’s first words to quiet time spent in nature – what we hear makes up a large part of our life experience. It is the soundtrack to our lives and the way we communicate. Despite this, most of us have no understanding of how we hear sounds and what can be done to improve our hearing.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common disability that affects one in every six Australians. In most cases it is a gradual process that develops over time. Find out about the warning signs, long term effects and available treatment. Read More.


Tinnitus is commonly known as ‘ringing in the ears’ and almost everyone will experience it at some stage in their life. Seven out of ten Australians report it and of those seven, three have difficulties coping with it. Read More

Auditory processing

Auditory processing is essentially ‘what we do with what we hear’. At More Than Hearing we provide comprehensive auditory processing assessments, auditory training therapy and effective classroom strategies. Read More

Listening Therapy

Effective hearing rehabilitation requires a complete treatment plan. Significant progress can be achieved by developing a better understanding of active listening, employing assistive technologies and working with your family and friends. Read More

Talk to us

Most people who suffer from mild hearing loss never seek treatment. However there are many benefits to acting early before major damage is done. If you’re experiencing problems with your hearing, talk to us about how we can help. Read More