Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is a small electro-acoustic device designed to amplify and transmit sound through the ear canal. These devices make speech more intelligible for those with hearing loss. 

How do they work?

A hearing aid is made up of three main parts – microphone, amplifier and receiver. The microphone picks up the acoustic signal, amplification is applied, and then the signal is sent to the receiver where it is transmitted into the wearer's ear. Thanks to modern technology, digital hearing aids are now able to detect differing levels of sounds and treat them accordingly. This is achieved by utilising multiple audio channels. 

Part of a rehab program

Hearing aids alone cannot be seen as the only solution to communication difficulties. A full hearing rehabilitation program must be undertaken along with the selection of any device. This ensures you get the most out of the devices prescribed. 

Do I need a hearing aid?

Based on your hearing loss and individual needs we will assist you to determine whether you need an aid and to develop realistic expectations of what you can achieve. You can then trial devices in your own environment. You can do this while also participating in our hearing rehabilitation program in order to evaluate their benefits.

Hearing aid styles

Hearing aid styles differ in their appearance and how they fit on and in your ears. There are two main styles of hearing aids – custom and behind the ear (BTE). Most styles are available in a wide range of colours to suit your skin and hair colour. Read more

Which hearing aid is right for me?

Hearing aids come in a range of models – from economy right through to premium devices. Get an understanding of the different performance levels and features you can expect from each, and then speak to our specialists about what your needs are. Read more