At More Than Hearing we understand that effective hearing is essential for learning. When hearing loss goes untreated at school it can have a significant impact on speech and language, learning, communication and social development. 

Some 15% of primary school age children have mild hearing loss and more than 30% suffer from fluctuating conductive (non-permanent) hearing loss. So, in addition to the hearing diagnostics services offered in the clinics, regular school screenings are promoted to sift out those at risk.

Educational audiology services

Our educational audiology service offers more than just hearing tests. Students referred by schools and/or those with learning difficulties undergo hearing diagnostics as well as an educational hearing assessment. This includes screening for auditory processing difficulties.

Central auditory processing

We specialise in assessments for central auditory processing disorders. We evaluate what students do with what they hear (auditory), how they add meaning to sounds (phonological processing), and how they add meaning to words (language processing). This is essential when the emphasis is on remediation and beyond simply strategies for the classroom.
We provide hearing and auditory training to students, parents, individual teachers and schools as a whole. In-services for classroom and special education teachers are also available.


LiSN-S is a practical and affordable assessment of real-classroom listening problems and is now available as an alternative to more expensive options. Download LiSN-S [] and use the tool to generate a quick guide to better listening in the classroom.

Assistive Listening Devices

To address any issues hearing in noisy environments and group situations, assistive listening devices are available on a trial basis.