Nanette suspected she had hearing loss. Are you the same? Watch her story.

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More Than Hearing

Are you dealing with age-related hearing loss or tinnitus? Do you have trouble communicating in noisy environments? Talk to our team of experienced health professionals and learn about our multidisciplinary approach to hearing rehabilitation. Our evidence-based practice, tailored hearing solutions and uncompromised level of service will ensure you get the results you deserve.

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We Work With …

  • Schools
    15% of primary school children have mild hearing loss and more than 30% suffer from fluctuating hearing loss.…
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  • GP's & Health Professionals
    GP's & Health Professionals
    We offer a full audiological management service and are also a registered service provider for the OHS.…
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  • Pensioners
    A hearing services voucher will entitle you to a comprehensive range of hearing services free of charge.…
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  • Adults
    Four out of every ten people tested have normal hearing, yet they continue to experience problems communicating.…
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  • Teenagers
    Noise-induced hearing loss is responsible for 37% of all hearing loss and 18% of older teenagers have some symptoms…
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  • Children
    Hearing is an essential tool for learning speech and this is especially important during the first three years. …
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