GP's & Health Professionals

GP's & Health Professionals

At More Than Hearing we offer a full audiological management service and are also a registered service provider for the OHS (Office of Hearing Services). We deliver high quality diagnostic and rehabilitation services to all our clients. To support this service we also provide concise and up-to-date information that general practitioners can use as a resource. 


  • For appointments, please call one of our clinics [link: clinics page]. Your patients may also contact us directly to arrange an appointment.
  • Please provide the patient with a referral form specifying which test is required. 
  • To order referral pads please phone us [link: contact page].
  • Audiological assessments with recommendations are sent by fax, post or both.

Hearing tests and services


Pure tone audiogram and impedance testing

A pure tone audiogram is a definitive threshold test on both ears. Impedance testing examines middle ear problems. 
Duration: 30 minutes 

Baby hearing test

Test selection depends on the age and developmental level of the child. It may include one or more of the following: visual orientation, response audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, impedance testing and auditory brainstem responses. 
Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour 

Hearing aid assessments, fitting & rehabilitation

We provide advice and service for private patients, as well as eligible pensioners and veterans free of charge under the Office of Hearing Services Scheme. We select and fit patients with the most suitable hearing aids for their communication needs. A rehabilitation program is also included to promote successful use of hearing aids.
Duration: 1 hour for initial session 

Central auditory processing testing 

This test battery assesses a possible dysfunction of higher auditory centres. It is useful when a child’s hearing is normal but they do not achieve at school. 
Special conditions: Parents of patients must be aware that this test cannot be bulk billed. School reports from guidance officers should be included with the referral. 
Duration: 1.5 hours 

Otoacoustic emissions

This is an objective test of cochlear hair cell function, which is highly correlated with hearing. It is a useful adjunct to central auditory processing and tinnitus assessments. 

Special conditions: Conductive pathology must be excluded before this test can be used. Impedance is a pre-requisite test over eight months of age.
Duration: 30 minutes 

Tinnitus consultation

This is an assessment for patients who report tinnitus which is unilateral, of sudden onset or causing distress.
Duration: 30 minutes 

Swim plugs/ear plugs/musicians’ plugs/ear moulds

We provide a range of swim plugs, ear wraps, customised noise protection plugs, musicians’ plugs and ear moulds for hearing aids. Impressions will be taken. 
Duration: 15 minutes 

Electrophysiological Tests 

Auditory brainstem evoked response (ABR)

This test investigates the integrity of the auditory pathway where retro cochlear or brainstem lesions are suspected. It is appropriate for patients who have asymmetrical hearing loss or suspicious unilateral symptoms. It may also be used to investigate hearing thresholds in babies and adults. 
Duration: 30 minutes 

Electrocochleography (ECOG) – Extratympanic

This test is performed on patients who have a cochlear lesion where cochlear hydrops or fistula is suspected.
Duration: 30 minutes 

Cortical evoked responses

This test is used to assess the auditory system at the higher, cortical level. It may also be used as an objective test of hearing thresholds. 
Duration: 30 minutes 

Late cortical responses

This test assesses the event-related P300 potential, which may be influenced by attention deficit. 
Duration: 30 minutes